Las Vegas


Las Vegas Neon Boneyard Review and Pictures

After work today, we went out to the Neon Graveyard. It’s been on our bucket list and it was the only touristy thing we wanted to accomplish on this trip. I also found out it’s actually called the Neon Boneyard. Our experience was not great. Which is very disappointing. This place has so much potential! Here’s how it plays out. They treat it like a museum. The tickets actually call it the “Neon Museum.” But you’re not allowed to wander or explore like a normal museum. You’re required to go with a tour guide… …and you’re not allowed to stray…

Glee Live Tour – Las Vegas

Remember that time we said we were big Gleeks? We went to see them last night!!! It was amazing. Not just because we love Glee and it was so fun to see the cast in real life (which was very exciting), but the actual show (as far as concerts go) was really entertaining. I’m talking fireworks inside the arena, visual effects with their video screens, and an LED floor: Rachel Finn Santana Oh yeah, as you can probably tell from those three pictures, we’re loving our new camera. The 80-300mm lens is pretty dang awesome, and it let us get…