We took a day trip down to Kamakura. It was amazing! South of Tokyo by about an hour, it’s a little town on the water with lots of old temples and shrines. Each site was huge. Halls, shrines, temples, relics, and lots of cool stuff. Here’s a pic explosion. They also have one of the largest Buddhas. You can pay 20 cents to go inside. So we did that too. But it was dark and not very picture-worthy. But this was: Kamakura is also known for its sweet potato purple ice cream. Isa loved it. But as for me and…

Tokyo Disney!

Tokyo Disney is AWESOME!! We had so much fun. We spent the entire day in DisneySea (as opposed to DisneyLand) because the rides and themed areas are completely unique. DisneyLand is a close replica of the Magic Kingdom in Florida. DisneySea has stuff like Triton’s Kingdom… The Mediterranean Harbor… A volcano… And Agraba… The lines were only bad on Tower of Terror and Toy Story, both of which we’ve been on, so we spent all our time on everything else: new rides and shows. The shows were amazing. We saw a big band swing show of Broadway quality. We saw…

Asakusa and Ueno

We went for old and cool today, so we went to see some shrines and gates. First off was a section of town called Asakusa. It starts off with this long pedestrian walkway with lots of fun little shops. Then you get to a giant gate. You go through the gate to get to the temple complex. Then we took the metro over to Ueno, a Central Park of sorts with a couple shrines, but the biggest one was closed. Here’s what we could find.

Shibuya and Shopping

Our first day in Tokyo, we decided to take it easy in case we were too jet-lagged to do anything. Turned out we were fine, waking up around 5am and making it until about 9:30pm before we crashed. We wandered around Shibuya (Tokyo’s version of Times Square) and shopped and meandered through a bunch of pedestrian only areas. It was fun. The shopping here is leaps and bounds better than in New York, both for fashion and for random fun stuff. Although we found out later that America is way better at grocery shopping. We had lunch at a hidden…